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Team was just amazing in their consultation. when in an early stage of a project there are too many unknowns and most would choose to say we need specifics to make clearer estimates. but Anup has an evolved thought process, he could differentiate between what may or may not have an impact on effort and hence build a good estimate quickly. Surely we will work with them again.

Jia Li Sun

Team was polite and highly knowledgeable in Data engineering field. Enterprise grade knowledge of data architecture and azure environment. In our case synapse

Kendall Stroud

DataCuve Team is an expert on data management, and was the best out of 5 bids that I evaluated. They did a solid job in the consultation, prepared a solid written proposal with tasks and estimated time to complete. I am hiring him right now to do a bigger job in a new contract.

Amanda Hannan

Team has been fantastic, they can understand complex issues and can solve them in a timely manner. Will definitely work with them again.

Marc McPhail

DataCuve team has been an excellent. They have been able to help us complete our projects on time. They are available to assist us as needed and he has been resourceful with solutions

Patrick Moore

Team successfully wrote a SSIS ETL package for us that imported 27 tables with different import rules. Everything worked correctly, according to the requirements, the first time, with no fuss or back and forth. The timeline was adhered to, and the total price ended up below his initial estimate.

Benjamin Tickle