The requirement was to develop a GDPR compliance model for their Email and File archiving products. The anticipated AI & ML powered GDPR model should ensure that every file and email containing sensitive information related to businesses, have to be classified based on user provided classification rules, regulatory requirements, data, policies and environmental attributes.


DataCuve developed an automated GDPR compliance model for their Email and File archiving products. The development process involved in analyzing and understanding of Emails and Files coming from different streams and sources. The set of received emails and files were indexed and categorized into two different buckets as structured and unstructured accordingly. We used NLP to understand the context in mails and data within the files. Developed with .NET core, the system provides the ability to categorize data (based on classification rules, attributes, tags and policies) and segregate them accordingly. The developed robust model possesses the ability to run in all possible ways to ensure that all the Emails and Files adhere GDPR compliance. We have also developed an API model which is feasible to integrate with their existing products.


  • Automatically analyse the content, attributes, user context, compliance rules and classifies documents, email attachments or prompts user to manually classify with the Semi -supervised machine learning model
  • Automatically mark documents and emails with confidential label.
  • Enables central configuration and deployment of model with classification rules, attributes, tags and policies.