We all understand the importance of customer services and its direct relation to the impact it has towards company’s perceived value in the market. In a recent study conducted by Harvard, it was shown that atleast 65% of the customers who contacted had once a negative experience that changed their perception about the company they were interacting with. Our customer understands the criticality of providing a positive experience in every interaction possible using any channel and was looking for ways to improve this digital experience.

Today the customer has a set of performance program, and a support center for the finest, most comprehensive support for their equipment supplied. However even with that the level of support, the customer experience was inconsistent and was highly dependent on the experience, knowledge the support personnel had. Even though they had a good set of knowledge base, searching and finding relevant response by users were time consuming. The customer needed a solution that was fast, consistent, and could automatically learn new behaviors of customers as the market evolved with less training cost and high repeatability. Further to complicate, majority of the enquires were related to RFQ, calibrations, maintenance and technical support related questions.

This needed the support personnels to know a variety of information across various products installation guide, repair notes, maintanance information , warranty verification etc., All this efforts were time consuming and increased the training cost significantly even with a team of technical support engineers and a live chat system. The customer strongly believed building a closer relationship between the provider services to the clients meant more customer loyalty and increased long term sustainability and revenue.

That’s when Intellectyx was provided an opportunity to collaborate and provide a solution.


As part of the effort, Intellectyx spent time to analyse their current support processes, workflows, the tools and technologies used. Upon several interaction with stakeholders and collected data points, the level of technical knowledge needed was high and was very dependent on the equipment supplied, the specific use case, and knowing every information around product specifications, functionalities, calibration, maintenance and purchase, warranty notes. All this suggested the involvement of a machine involved process. Intellectyx team proposed an automated customer service using a Chabot powered with voice, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. Adding natural language processes and machine learning gave these virtual customer assistants (VCAs) the ability to determine not only rules-based action to take based on a word, but to understand the meaning of words in different combinations, ask questions to create context and intent, and actually do something for the customer. Also loading various technical information on all equipment’s were loaded to augment the intelligence and made these Chabot’s very quick in response with practical and useful answers in solving the technical questions the customers had. The solution also had features around

  • AI based Inbuilt behavioural based learning support.
  • Agent-assisted interactions to deliver personalized, relevant information for customers on any device, anywhere they go.
  • Voice and Text enabled options with natural language processing and machine learning.
  • Each conversation was captured, analysed and aggregated to deliver real‑time recommendations and insights.
  • Real-time Integrations with Internal Helpdesk, CRM and ERP


This integrated intelligent virtual assistant Chabot solution with AI and Machine learning capabilities architected and delivered in less than four months. With this never sleeping AI learning based Chabot, the customer was able to achieve:

  • Cost-efficient, yet powerful way to provide centralized support in harmony with other human support workflows and process.
  • Training were accelerated in time and reduced in cost because of integrated learning and deriving insights out of historical conversations.
  • The amount of queries handled increased triple times with “no-wait” based customer support and service using Chatbot.
  • Every interaction was personalized and guided with superior quality to help choose the customers navigate through support, new product purchases.
  • Experience was consistent, costs were low, the capacity grew triple times with the ability to add on any new products easily.
  • Improved, optimized support canter with an increase in the capacity of support request handled by 100% and with higher satisfaction rate.